Omnes Res

Monthly Statistics for December 2018

2384 preprints added
1204 new senior authors

The number of preprints added per month continues to increase, thanks in large part to bioRxiv. I was interested if the increase was due to new labs submitting preprints (which would be indicated by new senior authors in the database), or if the same authors were simply submitting more preprints. The plot of new authors per month appears to closely mirror the plot of new preprints per month.

The data and code for these graphs are available at GitHub.

Real-time analytics (beta)

I've played around with the idea of allowing for user-defined plots/other output. One request I often hear is how is subject area X doing. So below I made an attempt at showing what this might look like.

Subject areas over time

Each preprint server has their own defined subject areas, with little overlap between servers. Further information can be found in this blog post.

Note: bioRxiv preprints are often missing subject information when posted, and thus indexed by my server, so none of the bioRxiv data should be taken too seriously. I think the other servers' subject data is trustworthy.

Term frequency over time

Here you can see the popularity of your term of interest. The search follows the rules of the RSS Feed.